One Day,

I hope for diversity to be more valued in schools…

Tell us a little bit about your educational background, hobbies, interests, etc.

I want to be a park ranger when I grow up, and I love to make friends. I’m now a part of the American Red Cross and I help at 412 food rescue. I’m a black belt and in the leadership program in taekwondo. In addition, I love anything related to science and wildlife. I’ve helped raise money for animal rescues by running. I’m a Girl Scout cadet and I have my bronze award. I love being outdoors and hiking long distances.

What Educational Injustices do you see inside and/or outside the walls of your own school? How can we begin to create more equitable spaces for learning?

I see that we only have two black teachers in the district and very few black students. I feel that we need more diversity amongst teachers. I also see that there is a lack of black history and other history within our curriculum. For example, we deserve to learn the truth behind Native American history and what Christopher Columbus did to the Native Americans and not the white washed version of his “Heroic” journey.

What is it that you hope to do in the future? How does it relate to this important work?

I hope to see more diverse history and learning environments for students. This relates to the work because this would make the learning experience better for black students and allow us to become more loving, global-minded students and citizens.

One Day…what do you hope for?

One Day I hope for better representation in history and more valued diversity in schools such as teachers.